We provide the music and entertainment you enjoy.
We are the beating heart of an industry torn to shreds Our Vision.

We Are NightLife

We are a group of DJs, dancers, and performers that have spent decades developing talent and acquiring skills, totally committed to providing the most entertaining and compelling experiences.

It’s our dedication to the music, our creativity, technical abilities, and our investment that have shaped and developed the nightclub scene. 

In the absence of a government-led plan of action to protect the sector, we are pulling together and launching WE ARE NIGHTLIFE, to rally and support the DJ Community.



WE ARE NIGHTLIFE is raising awareness and bringing our industry back into focus. We need to seek out a lifeline in order to safeguard the industry to ensure there are positive times ahead.

We are a community of DJ’s and performers who are ready to play, perform and entertain and unite together for future strong relationships.

We were and are in the business of bringing music, dancing, and joy into people's lives.

Now we need your help to ensure we can do that again in the future and unite in case of another lockdown in the future.


WE ARE NIGHTLIFE is bringing together the nightlife creative community to restore connections and reignite a sense of purpose. United we stand, collectively we support each other.

The project is launching key events and campaigns in order to shine a spotlight on the predicament of the nightlife sector, raising vital awareness and funds.

We will be running events, providing opportunities for mental health support, producing podcasts, publishing details of protests and demonstrations that nightlife entertainers can join.

We have a specialised industry with so many unique, skilled performers that are normally focused on entertaining others.

It’s time for us to work together and give our industry some much-needed love and attention. Join us for the journey so that nightlife can survive!


If you love nightlife, then please support us, there are many ways you can help.

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